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First original compilation by Mapache Records
Double album with 20 obscure songs from 70’s and early 80’s singer songwriters original privately pressed albums.
Includes Insert with information and text by Steve Krakow

We couldn’t be happier to announce the first Mapache Records compilation after all these years. ONE MILE FROM HEAVEN is a dreamy travel through the 70’s and beyond private singer songwriters scene.

There have always been privately-pressed records. Such a “private” LP is an album that has been composed, performed, recorded and edited usually very-DIY style by the very artist or by an amateur label. A private press record is, above all, an act of the artistic urge. It’s an act that takes place outiside of the industry out of need, out of a lack of knowledge, out of love, out of a drive, out of ambition… you can choose among the many reasons.

Depending on their genre, origins, time, and above all, quality, some of these efforts have become valuable pieces for the music collector. Having been created behind the “canonical history of music” written by the industry, every now and then an archaeologist will bring to the surface an artifact they have found in some basement or flea market, or that was kept covered in dust in the shell of some old recording studio soon to be torn down.

All these records have their own story, and some are still especially relevant, and others are but small footnotes in the encyclopedia of music that made their way into the margins of the mainstream world. These are the most limited of editions (and mostly locally made ones) of largely unsociable and mostly unobtainable records–and when found, they are often exorbitantly priced. Many of these marginalized and onscure artists have stayed alive only through the wonderful work of tireless song rescuers, music lovers, vocational archivists, collectors, and record labels with an idealistic drive. These romantics have been rescuing and indexing a form of music that very few have showed interest in until recent years. This record is a tribute to all of those who managed to make these songs not be lost to time. Above all, this release is a tribute to all those artists who recorded their songs on their own, mostly because they couldn’t keep the music inside themselves.


Maitreya Kali “One Last Farewell”
Gary Higgins “Thicker Than A Smokey”
Alicia May “Summer Days”
Dan Gillmor & Doug McClaran “Ghost Song”
Bobb Trimble “One Mile From Heaven”
Bob Patterson “Friends Of Mine”
Jim Sullivan “Jerome”
Chuck & Mary Perrin “Corrine”
Dan Modlin & Dave Scott “Loser, Lover”
Billy Hallquist “Persephone”
Richard Goldman “Sweethearts”
Olav Rixen & Ulrich Fausten “Pilgrimade”
Naomi Lewis “More Beautiful”
Jerry and Nancy Stevens “A Little Resolution”
Merrell Fankhauser “On Our Way To Hana”
Michael Angelo “Field Of Lonely Eyes”
Carm Mascarenhas “In The Sun”
Joe & Bing “Daybreak”
Philip John Lewin “Diamond Love”
Michael Yonkers “And Give It To You”


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