Heron – Twice As Nice & Half The Price

Sold out!

Long awaited reissue of the classic second album by legendary prog-folkies Heron, from Berkshire, UK. Issued in 1971 on the ultra collectable Dawn label, this double album was recorded on a farm at Devon country cottage creating a unique sound that still remains stunning.

For their second album, Heron created an exciting mixture of styles. They were still sounding like Fairport Convention or The Incredible String Band but they also started to play more roots music and rock, combining british classic folk with the sound of The Byrds or The Band. A great double album wich is, actually, a very preciated album for music collectors and a really hard to find one!

Mapache issues this album for first time from 1971 and it comes with the original design, an insert with an interview to the band and original postcard replica.

Issued under license from Heron. Remastered sound taken from the original tapes. Limited edition of only 500 copies!

‘I Wouldn’t Mind’


Sold out!



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