Joe & Bing – Daybreak

Sold out!

Mapache is proud to present the original Joe & Bing’s first album Daybreak.There aren’t many records as magical, as trascendent and as deserving of rediscovery as this one. This is the adventure of two young american songwriters who had the chance to get in the studio with brazillian composer, arranger and superstar Deodato. The album they recorded is full of magical moments like “Daybreak”, “Summer Sound” or “Sail”. The record was never officially released in the US but diferent records with diferent covers and diferent mixings appeared on diferent countries like Brazil or Italy.

You hold in your hands the album just like should have been. Cover and sound. And we’re sure you’ll love it. Folded on a tip on jacket cover, the album comes with a double insert, full of unseen pictures and with the two sides of the story written by Joe and Bing.

‘Walking out on yesterday’



Sold out!


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